IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications
11-13 November 2019 // Salvador, Brazil

Hotel and Travel

Conference Venue

Mercure Salvador Rio Vermelho Hotel
R. da Fonte do Boi, 215 – Rio Vermelho
Salvador – BA, 41940-360, Brazil
+55 71 3172-9200


Here are some interesting things to see and do in Salvador.



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Installed in the 16th century, Pelourinho is a historic neighborhood, well know as Historic Center, that is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important colonial and baroque architecture examples in Latin America.



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A distinctive expression of Afro-Brazilian, well known as a fighting dance, Capoeira is a unique martial art that combining dance with fight move. In November 2014, Capoeira received the title of I Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Beach Tour:


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The Bahian coast has beautiful beaches. Among the numerous beaches available to visitors, we have: Frades Island, Praia do Forte, Praia Farol da Barra, Massarandupió, and many others.



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The exotic Bahia culinary is characterized by recipes for exotic, spicy, colorful and aromatic foods. Among the typical culinary highlights we have: Abará, Acarajé, Vatapá and Caruru.

Museu da Arte Sacra:


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Located in the Historic Center, Pelourinho,  the Sacred Art Museum is near to beautiful beaches of Salvador and has more than 5,000 pieces that keep the history of Luso-Brazilian Sacred Art.